Doctorsbaguk is a Periodic Automated Replenishment (PAR) system used by health professionals worldwide. Used to manage your stocks of drugs, equipment and consumables in your clinics and hospitals. Your items are entered onto the system initially, every time you use an item you log on and log it. The system will send you an automated email 2 weeks before the expiry date or when your stock level reaches a critical level set by you ('low stock warning'). If you check the ‘pharmacy alert’ for any item an automated order for that item will go to your pharmacy or supplier (having prior agreement with them), when it reaches a critical stock level. You can add as many pharmacies and suppliers to the system you like, or address the orders to your supplies, procurement office. Hence you never have to worry about your drugs being out of date or out of stock again !

AuditPal is a unique medical audit, study tool. Where you can create a clinical audit or study electronically, and upload any evidence or research to support your audit standards. Then you add patients to the audit as you see them to use yourself. Discuss the results and write the conclusions ready for re-audit. AuditPal will produce the graphs and complete audit for you. The exciting feature is putting the audit onto our public audit page to share and other DBUK members from around the world to see and apply to join, only those members you agree to can join, (you can see their qualifications and professional interests). You close the audit to any further additions when you have enough data, write the conclusions and publish on our completed audits page. Members contributing will be listed. Contributors are notified when the audit is published.

AuditPal only membership just allows access to the AuditPal features and not the medicines management features. SINGLE user DBUK membership allows access to the full site , including all the features plus AuditPal for a single user or log-in. GROUP membership allows multiple users from the same practice or organisation, with one administrator. A 5 user membership allows 5 people in the membership, those 5 people will have an individual itinerary and will also be able to all use drugs from 'group' list . This is ideal for doctors working in a group practice all using drugs say from a vaccine fridge or cupboard.

Please if you have a problem contacting us through the form, you can contact us directly at [email protected]

All of our membership packages come with 6 weeks free trial, so you won't be asked for any bank details at all until this time is up and you wish to continue with your membership.

Yes if you go to the settings drop down and chose 'Group Settings Management' you can set the stock check reminders and inventory expiry reminders to Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Please contact us on [email protected] to set up organisational memberships.

You can set up as many Temperature logs as you wish. Enter the readings in whatever format you wish. This is commonly for example, MIN 2.6, ACTUAL 4.7, MAX 8.2. or simply 2.6, 4.7, 8.2.

Yes you can order any item on your inventory at any time, by using the green order button at the side of the item (if this is red you have not chosen a pharmacy) as long as you have prior agreement with the pharmacist or supplier to do so, this will usually mean signing a 'POM' supply agreement form for the Pharmacy. Print off a copy of the order and sign it in exchange for the item when it arrives if requested by the Pharmacy.